Ownership & Affirmative Action Plan


Conselect Engineering is 100% Namibian owned and controlled/ managed. The firm’s shareholders are 100% from Previously Disadvantaged groups.

Control of Conselect Engineering is vested in the management and shared by registered engineers who are independent of external interests. A high standard of time and cost management and quality control is maintained, ensuring that projects are produced on time, within budget and to the highest standard.

Conselect has standing commitment to the objectives of Namibia’s National Development Programme, and a history of providing empowerment and assistance to underprivileged communities. The Firm provides extensive support for educational advancement in the form of student and sport sponsorship and in-service training, and supports various initiatives within the community.

Conselect Engineering is engaged with Job Attachment by giving on-the-job-training to the various Engineering Students studying at Tertiary Institutions both local and abroad. The Company also gives study assistance / bursaries to Namibians wishing to follow a career in any of the Multi-Disciplinary Engineering fields; being:- Electrical, Mechanical, Civil & Structural. Conselect Engineering is also engaged with sponsorship of various organizations/ institutions.

The firm is also committed to meeting the needs of the country through job creation, training and the development of skills; and it is always ready and willing to extend this commitment to other parts of the African continent. The company’s objective is to assist with the alleviation of the socio-economic backlog and develop human resources while attracting investment.

About Us

Conselect Engineering was established in 2003 as a CC, converted into a (Pty) Ltd in 2016 & is registered with the Ministry of Trade & Industry as per the Companies Act; the Ministry of Finance – Inland Revenue for Value Added Tax (VAT) purposes, and with the SSC as per the Social Security Act.

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